For Sale

At present we have the following buses for sale: An original paint 1972 Westfalia cross-over model, a 1971 Westfalia BARNFIND and two unmolested 15-window Brazilian splitbuses. Besides these buses, we're expecting a nice 1968 early bay Westfalia and a very cool 1968 deluxe in original paint savannah beige.

1972 Westfalia cross-over model

Unmolested Westy in mostly original paint pastelwhite (L90D). Front panel has been repainted due to an old damage. Very dry, solid and straight Westy. Bettery tray has been repaired with fresh matel. All the other commonly rusty area's are rock solid like raingutters, wheel wells, jack supports, rockers, floors, window edges, etc. These cross-over models combine the best of both worlds of early bay and late bay. It still has the classic look of the early bay model, but is equipped with newer technics like disc brakes in the front, brake booster and a 1700cc pancake engine. The engine is running nice, but can use a carb tune up and some adjustment.

The front seats have been re-upholstered recently. The upholstery in the rear is still original and in usable condition. new flooring has been installed even as new curtains. All closets are complete and usable.

We renewed, repaired and/or changed lots of things lately like battery, rebuilt front brake calipers, new CV boots, new wheel cilinders, new brake shoes, brake lines, fuel lines, heater tubes, front indicator lenses, dash knobs, several window and door seals, front emblem, etc, etc. This car is ready for any APK/TUV/MOT, etc.

Price: € 21.900,-OBO

This car still has the Californian title. All taxes and custom clearance has been paid.

1971 Westfalia BARNFIND!!

Very nice and solid early bay Westy. We discovered this beauty in a South Oregon barn where it has been sitting for the last 18+ years.....

Cool chianti red paint with nice patina. Only metal work was required on the battery tray, so we took care of this. Very nice original and complete interior with new curtains installed. The tenttop canvas shows some discoloring but is very useable. The engine is running, but the carb needs attention (maybe rebuilt?) and the clutch needs to be replaced. Showing 90K on the odometer, which appears to be the original mileage. Tyres are cracked. 1971 is the most desirable year of the early bay buses, because these models are equipped with a brake booster and disc brake in the front.

We repaired/renewed lots of parts on this bus like several seals on doors and windows, brake cilinders, brake shoes, brake drums, CV boots, rear shocks, brake hoses, fuel lines, ball joints, headlights, light switches, several relais, etc, etc.

Price: € 20.750,- OBO

This car still has the Oregon Title. All taxes and custom clearance has been paid.

1974 Brazilian splitty 15-window

Very nice and unmolested 15-window splitscreen, made by Volkswagen Brazil. The only metal work required is on the passengers side inner rocker and a minor repair on the left side lower dogleg. The rest of the car is solid, dry unwelded and unmolersted!  This 2nd owner vehicle is running and driving, brakes are working and all the seats are present. The bus has had a repaint long ago.

Price € 19.500,- OBO

This car still has the Brazilian title. All taxes and custom clearance has been paid.

1974 unmolested Brazilian splitbus.

True survivor!! Purchased from the first owner! Unmolested, unwelded and mostly original paint. Although it has several touch ups, this car lacks the usual "tons of bondo", it has straight seems en is pretty dry. Cargo floor needs welding (2 new floorsections come with the bus) and some minor metal work is required on both lower doglegs. The rest of the car is solid on all the usual area's like jack supports, inner/outer rockers, wheel wells, cab floors, window edges, raingutters, etc, etc. The car runs, stops, drives and is complete.

Price € 15.500,- OBO

This car still has the Brazilian Title. All taxes and custom clearance has been paid.

To be expected:
1968 Westfalia poptop

Straight and pretty solid 1968 Westy, especially for a 50 year old bus!

Nice running 1600cc engine. Interior is all there, besides some side/roof panels. Has child's cot and cab bunk. Needs floor and curtains. Decent tenttop. South Oregon vehicle.

To be expected in january at our shop.

This car still has the Oregon Title. All taxes and custom clearance has been paid.

To be expected:
1968 early bay Deluxe

Very nice early bay deluxe in original paint savannah beige/pearl white. Deluxe buses are equipped with chrome trims around the belt line and in the window seals. Good running 1600cc engine. Some welding is required on the front windshield edge, cab floors and battery tray. The rest of the bus is rocksolid and unmolested! All the original two-tone side panels are present. Californian "blue plate" car!

To be expected in march at our shop.

This car still has the Californian Title. All taxes and custom clearance has been paid.